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I am up and watching the BBC coverage of that wedding they have going on over there. (BBCAmerica is in HD in our area, so that's cool.)

30 or so years ago I was up watching the Charles & Diana wedding. It was the summer that some of my friends and I took PE class in summer school (and isn't THAT a whole different story) to get it out of the way and so that we could take a full roster of academic classes (geeks even then). (by the time my brother came along 2 years later if you took a full schedule of classes all 3 years of high school you didn't have to take gym class, which....makes no sense from a physical fitness point of view, but whatever.) I managed to convince my mom (not actually hard to do) to let me go in late so I could watch the coverage....

I wasn't sure I'd actually get up, but thought what the heck I'll set the alarm for 5. And lo and behold I woke up a bit before 4 and didn't fall back asleep so by 4:30 I gave up and got up. Haven't made my tea yet though, what's up with that? must do in a moment.

And ahh here's Simon Schama back talking about the past and future of royalty. I do <3 me some Simon Schama. Ahh, look I'll use my History Geek icon in his honor.

And and of course there's the live blogging of the FugGirls to follow.

And now tea to make.
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