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Well I have been MIA for awhile haven't I? Where have I been? Working, mostly, seems to be the answer, although as I discussed email-ly with [personal profile] calligrafiti despite feeling like I'm doing all the work all the time I'm not really putting in much in the way of extra hours. More that I am working my ass off while I'm at work which, you know, cuts down on my internet surfing while on the clock. WTF, work, is that how it's supposed to be??

Fannishly I've been consumed by Sherlock. The End. (well, a note can be made that it's totally cool that you can find the Complete Sherlock Holmes for free in any number of formats. Awesome thing to always have available to read on your phone/iPod/brain pan in case of sudden lack of things to occupy yourself.)

This week cranking back up into full full gear planning for a big trip in the fall; off to the south of France* with [personal profile] amycable and [personal profile] calligrafiti and our non-journaling friend C, with a special guest appearance in the second week by a birdwatcher friend of mine from work. On the way I'm stopping off for a few days in Galway to visit friends who are there for the fall semester, and I cap it off with a couple of days in Barcelona on the way home. Whee!! also still plenty of work to do on that.

(*note that the south of France includes much inland territory, so don't think beach!; we're up in the mountains more than an hour inland from the coast.)

Today's icon somewhat randomly chosen earlier for a comment post and I find I'm happy to rediscover it. Norma Talmadge in 1928's "The Woman Disputed." Saw it last year at the San Francisco Silent Film Festival. Fantastic. And Oh another recent excitement is that I bought tickets for the SFSFF's super-limited super-extravanaga presentation of Abel Gance's "Napleon" next spring in Oakland (CA) at the Paramount Theater; full 5.5 hour restoration (2 intermissions!), full symphony orchestra accompaniment.

But that's a story for another day.
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