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Silence for a month, go off and have a fabulous time at Dragon*Con, but only come back to post a work rant. Ah, my journal is full of fun.

Long many-part project for the worst client we have ever worked for (but for whom we will most certainly never work again, such is the mutual animosity) is coming to a close, or at least a partial close, GOD I HOPE, tomorrow. We cannot get rid of this fast enough. Project ballooned out of scope from the start, way over length, extra drafts, demands for extra drafts with extra content turned around in 1 or 2 days, then complaints about consistency and quality after notification that said extra drafts on that deadline would not have time to go through our entire quality control process.... and then hands-down the nastiest, most insulting feedback and comments I've ever seen in coming from a "professional" person of some supposed authority. And she's brought all these issues on herself by adding content, changing her mind, redirecting the focus of whole sections on a whim in mid-draft....and now that she needs to roll out this training on a pre-determined timeline and someone above her is probably breathing down her neck about where it is she, in turn, is apparently reporting to her boss that our work is seriously sub-par in quality and etc. etc. and do we really CARE to read another email starting "Feedback from my boss...." as if that's going to make us work harder? I WORKED A 22-HOUR SHIFT LAST WEEK TO GET ONE OF HER #@^&# DRAFTS OUT.

Argh. We are CHARGING CHARGING CHARGING them overages and can already see her positioning herself in this "feedback from my boss" to contest the charges. BRING IT ON.

Meanwhile in another meeting today about a project for another client we got to hear about projects coming in from different divisions of the (much much larger than nightmare client) company based on all the positive things division managers had heard about the quality of our work. So that's a nice offset.

So that's my....week or so. AND I leave for a big fun European trip in 10 days and I should be reveling in those preparations instead of getting all riled up here....tomorrow tomorrow tomorrow this part will be over.

And the Common Loon up there -- that icon was designed initially in reference to a particular wackily non-competent co-worker and has been used to represent eye-rolling doings with clients from time to time. I don't think this woman is counts as in any way as whimsical, but in the absence of a "I just read through horrendously insulting comments on a 125-slide Powerpoint deck and now my head wants to explode" icon, I will use this one, and hope it jollies me up some.


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