Nov. 19th, 2010

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I'm being offered an office at work.  Something I have certainly bemoaned from time to time in my 13 years here, after a couple years of having an office at my old job.  This seems like it shouldn't be a dilemma, and yet...  in the course of my day I do interact quite a bit with all the boys that sit in the strange maze of cubicle walls we have here in the creative dept.   Sometimes I interact in very work-useful ways, like being able to holler out questions across the room.  Sometimes it's just for fun.  I will in many ways miss that.

But I have all sorts of other duties beyond what the rest of the people around me are responsible for, and it is a constant struggle to get to do them.  Removing me from the immediate path of getting sucked into things I should leave to someone else might be good.  I can learn to use the phone more to ask questions.  I can use it as a good incentive to get up once an hour, something I should do anyway, to cruise through and check on the inbox and the To Do white board.

I have to think about this a bit more.  There is someone they'd like to move into my space, but it's my call.

now off to a meeting.....


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