Mar. 17th, 2011

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That should be a Facebook status, huh?  If I was inclined to put such a thing on my FB.  Which I'm not.

Instead I put it out here, into the ether of DW/LJ where I hardly ever have anything to say anymore, thus ensuring I really have no idea who will see it.  Um, yay for freely shared personal info?

Anyway I bought this epilator a few weeks back, in one of those bursts of "this could be a really good idea" that sometimes come when you sit noodling around online all evening.  I think the verdict on that is ultimately going to be Yes, but Ouch in the meantime there's some pain along the way.

But I'm learning, and taking it slowly.  People reviewing the thing online with notes like "it took me an hour to do my lower legs the first time" just leave me thinking "you did this for an HOUR the first time?"  I'm taking it more in short bursts, figuring it doesn't matter if I get my legs in public condition all in one go, especially at this time of year.  And it is getting better as I go along.  I'm learning about angle and speed and pressure, and as you go back over areas there are fewer hairs and so fewer of those hundred pin pricks of hair plucking.  Also I suspect I'm starting out with some longer leg hair than they expect, and if I eventually do this once a week or so it will seem like nothing compared to mowing down all the hairs that have grown on my calf over the last, oh, 4 - 6 weeks.

So Happy St. Patrick's Day, and may your legs be forever smooth!

(this is related in fact; the pint O'Guiness and pint O'Magners that preceded the soak in the bath that preceded the epilating... all part of the pain-reduction plan.)


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