May. 2nd, 2011

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We're truly into the month of May and I have managed to not yet turn on the AC in my second floor apartment! Toughing it thru that evening last week when it was 84° inside totally paid off, and now we're in for a cooler week and I think I can hold out even longer.

May also means Carrboro Town Day (yesterday), which I almost MISSED somehow (due to general cluelessness this year?) but that [personal profile] calligrafiti saw a notice about the Community Garden Club plant swap, so we headed down to Town Commons just in time to enjoy a swing band playing as we perused plants and some art and library books for sale and most fun of all a demonstration of the truck with the hydraulic arm that picks up the roll-out trash bins. Wheee! (we also got to see the big new front loader that picks up dumpsters and learn about how it works and about its fire suppression system (!trucks driving into the dump with a "hot load" -- actual thing that happens!); and in one of the joys of small-towndom the person taking all this time to show off the toys to us was the manager of solid waste collection. Aww. He was very personable and enthusiastic; great PR guy!)

So that was May 1st. I got a green coneflower plant (actual petals yellow, apparently), and a Carrboro Centenary t-shirt, and had a good squee* over the heavy equipment. A very good day.

*I cannot emphasize enough how much the fancy trucks with all their hydraulics tickle me.


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