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Twice in the past three days I've been carded buying a beer. A single beer to drink, at establishments where you go thru a line with a cashier. In the first case the cashier looked really young, and I mostly had my head down rooting in my purse so she might not have gotten a good look. Just now it was a woman probably in her mid-20s.

Common element these days: the laziness of how I've been taking care of my appearance this week, as I've been busy. Both days I let my hair air dry to a random, partly flat, partly wavy mess. Is that youthful? Doubtful. Esp. since I'm off to a very overdue hair appt. in a minute and so there is plenty of grey showing in my roots.

This isn't a complaint of course I find it hilarious (would NOT have been hilarious if I did not have my ID). But you know I'm 46, it's been legal for me to drink a beer for 28 years now, and if those cashiers had looked at my neck they would have totally pegged me for middle aged. (I find a have a THING about how my neck looks these days. Back just after college one of my friends carefully applied Retin-A to her neck every night, looking to the future when it would get wrinkly. I thought she was nuts, but turns out she was totally right. Who knew?) (but huh I'll have to look and see if it made a difference for her. Or ask if she even remembers that....)

Anyway Hi and hey very soon -- like 49 hours from NOW -- my plane will be taking off for my trip to France, bookended by stays in Galway and Barcelona. Will report on that I hope; it's certainly much more interesting than the WORK WORK WORK that's been the last month.
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