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Not that I've been OUT of it, exactly; just well I'm gearing up to be MORE IN. And maybe that will include being more HERE here.

So GIP and also it's appropriate, on multiple levels; as I predicted almost a year ago, my fannish life has turned into Avengers, Avengers, Avengers, and OH, some Avengers. Movie 'verse (in all its parts), comics 'verse (in some of its parts), fandom-verse in oh so many ways. Plus of course still BBC Sherlock, because Reasons.

So, there, up there, is Coulson, from Fury's Big Week, waiting. (hey, icon by ME, what industry on my part! sharable to any like-minded fans.)

And what am I waiting for? I'm waiting for a giant sweet potato, (no, I mean really giant) to finish roasting. It's going to go into the burrito production line I've got set up, for dinner tonight, and lunch tomorrow, and my freezer for future lunches. No really, it's a 2-pound potato, plenty for...many burritos. And yet only about 1/3 of the size of the biggest one the farmer had at the market today. !!!.

For the interested, the rest of the ingredients on the line (a more simple line-up this time than some): sprouted whole wheat tortillas (not clear to me what the sprouted-ness adds; I just wanted whole wheat, and all the whole wheat was sprouted?); black beans cooked with local onions and red chili, garlic, and a can of diced tomatoes; local hoop cheese; non-local monteray jack; and house-made chipotle salsa on sale at the co-op. So, half-local frozen homemade burrito lunches FTW!

This week at least I'll match that with a nice CSA-sourced salad of radishes and mixed greens (planning on a lime vinaigrette for that); yes the fall CSA started this week, the fall CSF starts tomorrow (pound of shrimp, pound of Spanish makerel, WHOLE LOT OF DELICIOUS), so FOOD will be a major focus for awhile, both here and over in the real-life Facebook world (where I'm one of those white girls who mostly post pictures of her dinner).

Ten seconds left to the next sweet potato check-in; time only to mention awesome things that have happened that I should go back and record here: seeing Abel Gance's restored (6 hour) Napoleon with full orchestral score in Oakland back in March; 2012 Dragon*Con with all the usual fun; all that fannish stuff in between, with many more movie viewings already in the calendar year than I've had in some 2–3 year stretches recently; the upcoming season of The Rite of Spring at 100, a bunch of performances I'm greatly looking forward to.

But all that for another, post-burrito time.
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So that's no excuse for my silence. There are Things to Say! And yet I haven't posted anything for months.

But I'm of a mind to go on a little friending spree, to better keep up with All The Sherlock Fic that I'm madly devouring, and it seems rude to do that without showing myself here more often.

Also it's coming up on the time when my personal year really starts; I tend to count it from my birthday rather than Jan 1st, because I always have enough to do recovering from hosting brunch that day, and a month of cookie parties, and visiting family, etc. The first three weeks of the year are just a breather, a gap I take advantage of to gear up for the new year. So maybe I'll manage to interact more here, which is something I'd like to be doing.

I don't know if I'll ever catch up on the backlog of THINGS, but we'll see. In the last month or so I've seen 3 movies (out at the theater): Sherlock Holmes 2, Tinker Taylor Soldier Spy, Hugo. Loved 'em all, most surprising was Hugo which I went into without a lot of info and found completely marvelous (catch the 3D if you can, it's magical and so well used). And of course I've seen BBC Sherlock series 2 (thanks to iPlayer and a UK proxy), and AAAAAHHHHH.

yeah. All The Fic, that's what I need now.

also maybe a sandwich.
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Twice in the past three days I've been carded buying a beer. A single beer to drink, at establishments where you go thru a line with a cashier. In the first case the cashier looked really young, and I mostly had my head down rooting in my purse so she might not have gotten a good look. Just now it was a woman probably in her mid-20s.

Common element these days: the laziness of how I've been taking care of my appearance this week, as I've been busy. Both days I let my hair air dry to a random, partly flat, partly wavy mess. Is that youthful? Doubtful. Esp. since I'm off to a very overdue hair appt. in a minute and so there is plenty of grey showing in my roots.

This isn't a complaint of course I find it hilarious (would NOT have been hilarious if I did not have my ID). But you know I'm 46, it's been legal for me to drink a beer for 28 years now, and if those cashiers had looked at my neck they would have totally pegged me for middle aged. (I find a have a THING about how my neck looks these days. Back just after college one of my friends carefully applied Retin-A to her neck every night, looking to the future when it would get wrinkly. I thought she was nuts, but turns out she was totally right. Who knew?) (but huh I'll have to look and see if it made a difference for her. Or ask if she even remembers that....)

Anyway Hi and hey very soon -- like 49 hours from NOW -- my plane will be taking off for my trip to France, bookended by stays in Galway and Barcelona. Will report on that I hope; it's certainly much more interesting than the WORK WORK WORK that's been the last month.
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Silence for a month, go off and have a fabulous time at Dragon*Con, but only come back to post a work rant. Ah, my journal is full of fun.

Long many-part project for the worst client we have ever worked for (but for whom we will most certainly never work again, such is the mutual animosity) is coming to a close, or at least a partial close, GOD I HOPE, tomorrow. We cannot get rid of this fast enough. Project ballooned out of scope from the start, way over length, extra drafts, demands for extra drafts with extra content turned around in 1 or 2 days, then complaints about consistency and quality after notification that said extra drafts on that deadline would not have time to go through our entire quality control process.... and then hands-down the nastiest, most insulting feedback and comments I've ever seen in coming from a "professional" person of some supposed authority. And she's brought all these issues on herself by adding content, changing her mind, redirecting the focus of whole sections on a whim in mid-draft....and now that she needs to roll out this training on a pre-determined timeline and someone above her is probably breathing down her neck about where it is she, in turn, is apparently reporting to her boss that our work is seriously sub-par in quality and etc. etc. and do we really CARE to read another email starting "Feedback from my boss...." as if that's going to make us work harder? I WORKED A 22-HOUR SHIFT LAST WEEK TO GET ONE OF HER #@^&# DRAFTS OUT.

Argh. We are CHARGING CHARGING CHARGING them overages and can already see her positioning herself in this "feedback from my boss" to contest the charges. BRING IT ON.

Meanwhile in another meeting today about a project for another client we got to hear about projects coming in from different divisions of the (much much larger than nightmare client) company based on all the positive things division managers had heard about the quality of our work. So that's a nice offset.

So that's my....week or so. AND I leave for a big fun European trip in 10 days and I should be reveling in those preparations instead of getting all riled up here....tomorrow tomorrow tomorrow this part will be over.

And the Common Loon up there -- that icon was designed initially in reference to a particular wackily non-competent co-worker and has been used to represent eye-rolling doings with clients from time to time. I don't think this woman is counts as in any way as whimsical, but in the absence of a "I just read through horrendously insulting comments on a 125-slide Powerpoint deck and now my head wants to explode" icon, I will use this one, and hope it jollies me up some.


Aug. 10th, 2011 08:13 pm
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It looks like it's going to rain; god I hope it rains; maybe it will rain?

Ahh, weather report says maybe not.

I have a list of things I need to do tonight but I just want to lay on the couch and watch the Science Channel.

Here's John Watson, wondering about things as well. Cheers.
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Well I have been MIA for awhile haven't I? Where have I been? Working, mostly, seems to be the answer, although as I discussed email-ly with [personal profile] calligrafiti despite feeling like I'm doing all the work all the time I'm not really putting in much in the way of extra hours. More that I am working my ass off while I'm at work which, you know, cuts down on my internet surfing while on the clock. WTF, work, is that how it's supposed to be??

Fannishly I've been consumed by Sherlock. The End. (well, a note can be made that it's totally cool that you can find the Complete Sherlock Holmes for free in any number of formats. Awesome thing to always have available to read on your phone/iPod/brain pan in case of sudden lack of things to occupy yourself.)

This week cranking back up into full full gear planning for a big trip in the fall; off to the south of France* with [personal profile] amycable and [personal profile] calligrafiti and our non-journaling friend C, with a special guest appearance in the second week by a birdwatcher friend of mine from work. On the way I'm stopping off for a few days in Galway to visit friends who are there for the fall semester, and I cap it off with a couple of days in Barcelona on the way home. Whee!! also still plenty of work to do on that.

(*note that the south of France includes much inland territory, so don't think beach!; we're up in the mountains more than an hour inland from the coast.)

Today's icon somewhat randomly chosen earlier for a comment post and I find I'm happy to rediscover it. Norma Talmadge in 1928's "The Woman Disputed." Saw it last year at the San Francisco Silent Film Festival. Fantastic. And Oh another recent excitement is that I bought tickets for the SFSFF's super-limited super-extravanaga presentation of Abel Gance's "Napleon" next spring in Oakland (CA) at the Paramount Theater; full 5.5 hour restoration (2 intermissions!), full symphony orchestra accompaniment.

But that's a story for another day.
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We're truly into the month of May and I have managed to not yet turn on the AC in my second floor apartment! Toughing it thru that evening last week when it was 84° inside totally paid off, and now we're in for a cooler week and I think I can hold out even longer.

May also means Carrboro Town Day (yesterday), which I almost MISSED somehow (due to general cluelessness this year?) but that [personal profile] calligrafiti saw a notice about the Community Garden Club plant swap, so we headed down to Town Commons just in time to enjoy a swing band playing as we perused plants and some art and library books for sale and most fun of all a demonstration of the truck with the hydraulic arm that picks up the roll-out trash bins. Wheee! (we also got to see the big new front loader that picks up dumpsters and learn about how it works and about its fire suppression system (!trucks driving into the dump with a "hot load" -- actual thing that happens!); and in one of the joys of small-towndom the person taking all this time to show off the toys to us was the manager of solid waste collection. Aww. He was very personable and enthusiastic; great PR guy!)

So that was May 1st. I got a green coneflower plant (actual petals yellow, apparently), and a Carrboro Centenary t-shirt, and had a good squee* over the heavy equipment. A very good day.

*I cannot emphasize enough how much the fancy trucks with all their hydraulics tickle me.
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I am up and watching the BBC coverage of that wedding they have going on over there. (BBCAmerica is in HD in our area, so that's cool.)

30 or so years ago I was up watching the Charles & Diana wedding. It was the summer that some of my friends and I took PE class in summer school (and isn't THAT a whole different story) to get it out of the way and so that we could take a full roster of academic classes (geeks even then). (by the time my brother came along 2 years later if you took a full schedule of classes all 3 years of high school you didn't have to take gym class, which....makes no sense from a physical fitness point of view, but whatever.) I managed to convince my mom (not actually hard to do) to let me go in late so I could watch the coverage....

I wasn't sure I'd actually get up, but thought what the heck I'll set the alarm for 5. And lo and behold I woke up a bit before 4 and didn't fall back asleep so by 4:30 I gave up and got up. Haven't made my tea yet though, what's up with that? must do in a moment.

And ahh here's Simon Schama back talking about the past and future of royalty. I do <3 me some Simon Schama. Ahh, look I'll use my History Geek icon in his honor.

And and of course there's the live blogging of the FugGirls to follow.

And now tea to make.
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I'm still at work and I was doing a refresh-tabs break and learned via Twitter that Elizabeth Sladen has died. What a shock -- isn't The Sarah Jane Adventures still going on, despite the fact that we haven't been getting it over here? And isn't Sarah Jane resilient enough to be with us always?

This has made me cry, in a somewhat unexpected way. I mean, I'll tear up at the drop of a hat but more of an actual cry is unusual for me. Good thing there's no one else left around.

(and this on a day when I've had Doctor Who running in the background as I work. and well on a day when I've had a lot of frustrating work to do, which is undoubtedly a factor.)

Seems so close on the heels of the Brigadier, too. Off having an adventure together, maybe.
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That should be a Facebook status, huh?  If I was inclined to put such a thing on my FB.  Which I'm not.

Instead I put it out here, into the ether of DW/LJ where I hardly ever have anything to say anymore, thus ensuring I really have no idea who will see it.  Um, yay for freely shared personal info?

Anyway I bought this epilator a few weeks back, in one of those bursts of "this could be a really good idea" that sometimes come when you sit noodling around online all evening.  I think the verdict on that is ultimately going to be Yes, but Ouch in the meantime there's some pain along the way.

But I'm learning, and taking it slowly.  People reviewing the thing online with notes like "it took me an hour to do my lower legs the first time" just leave me thinking "you did this for an HOUR the first time?"  I'm taking it more in short bursts, figuring it doesn't matter if I get my legs in public condition all in one go, especially at this time of year.  And it is getting better as I go along.  I'm learning about angle and speed and pressure, and as you go back over areas there are fewer hairs and so fewer of those hundred pin pricks of hair plucking.  Also I suspect I'm starting out with some longer leg hair than they expect, and if I eventually do this once a week or so it will seem like nothing compared to mowing down all the hairs that have grown on my calf over the last, oh, 4 - 6 weeks.

So Happy St. Patrick's Day, and may your legs be forever smooth!

(this is related in fact; the pint O'Guiness and pint O'Magners that preceded the soak in the bath that preceded the epilating... all part of the pain-reduction plan.)
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Long time, no.... me, here.  What've I been doing?  Why, many things!  For example, most recently I've just cooked dinner -- Scampi-style Scallops over, well, it was supposed to be fettuccine, but I didn't have any, so it's over spaghetti.  Recipe also called for half an onion, chicken broth, and a can of anchovies; what I had was a shallot, vegetable stock, and a tube of anchovie paste (plus some olive oil).   But hey I had the most important thing (scallops!  on sale!), and garlic, parsley, red pepper flakes, white wine.... 

In conclusion, YUM.  (also of note, much lighter than I usually thing of scampi being.)

There was something else I thought about to post today, but I have no idea what it was

Ahh well now I'm watching Castle, which I'm behind on, and HEY, maybe Alexis and Martha can save the day!  Please?
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I work like crazy all day and manage to get home just in time for a new NCIS -- with guest star Bob Newhart! -- and it's pre-empted for basketball.  And Ok I like college basketball, but it's completely early in the season, and I don't particularly want to wait until 1:37 AM -- 1:37 AM! -- to see me some NCIS.

sigh.  At least I don't have to worry about being too distracted to do the work that I brought home.

Also, Meteorite Men is on, and I'm kind of goofy for that show.

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[RL people excuse the overlap with recent FB posts.]  Tonight I went out to the local club to see something called Stroke It Noel:  A Fully Orchestrated Performance of Big Star's Third Album.    Are you familiar with Big Star's Third (aka, Sister Lovers)?  Or with Big Star at all? chances are good the answer is No, because they never got the kind of recognition they deserved (waay back in the early 70s, we're talkin', mostly before all our times.)  But maybe you have, because they are awesome.  They were HUGELY influential on the underground/college music scene of the 80s, esp. along the NC/Athens axis (in the 80s there was the Triangle, Winston-Salem, and Charlotte in NC, and Athens in GA; it was as if SC didn't exist.)

ANYWAY.  Big Star.  Alex Chilton.  Etc etc seminal.  And the 3rd album (perhaps more Alex Chilton #1 solo record than Big Star swan song) = odd depressive, studio-formed awesomeness, released several years after its recording, posthumously for Big Star the band.  Now brought to life on stage with a string/woodwind/brass section, the original drummer Jody Stephens, and various 80s southern rock stalwarts (Chris Stamey, Miitch Easter, Mike Mills). 

And oh just WOW.  that was fantastic, really,  I was just grinning thru most.  Amazing to hear those songs, to hear a dozen or strings swell in on the verses, to hear the rotating cast of lead singers..........  I'm not doing the best job of describing.  For those with no way to be here (thery're doing it again tomorrow night) I'd say:  find a copy of Big Star's 3rd, and then try to imagine it live...  aww.  you might not reach the heights of the reality.  (good news is that it's being filmed for a documentary on Big Star that is already in the works.)

OK I'll quit now, because I'm utterly unable to convey the wonder of this event.  Sorry?  Come out tomorrow night if you can??
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I'm being offered an office at work.  Something I have certainly bemoaned from time to time in my 13 years here, after a couple years of having an office at my old job.  This seems like it shouldn't be a dilemma, and yet...  in the course of my day I do interact quite a bit with all the boys that sit in the strange maze of cubicle walls we have here in the creative dept.   Sometimes I interact in very work-useful ways, like being able to holler out questions across the room.  Sometimes it's just for fun.  I will in many ways miss that.

But I have all sorts of other duties beyond what the rest of the people around me are responsible for, and it is a constant struggle to get to do them.  Removing me from the immediate path of getting sucked into things I should leave to someone else might be good.  I can learn to use the phone more to ask questions.  I can use it as a good incentive to get up once an hour, something I should do anyway, to cruise through and check on the inbox and the To Do white board.

I have to think about this a bit more.  There is someone they'd like to move into my space, but it's my call.

now off to a meeting.....
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Home to find a 5 x 7 manila envelope marked First Class in my mail box, return address Dept. of State....Portsmouth, NH, with something kind of thick inside that is the size and shape of a passport.  "To" address is [not my name], [my street #] [not my street] [my apt. #] [same town and zip].

I could walk the 1/4 mile or so around the corner and deliver this, but I think I'll put it back in the mail box with the flag up so the postman notices his mistake. 

Like, I don't get junk  mail with a mistaken address, but the very important legal document that someone is waiting for came to me instead?
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spotted on a 50-ish man at the co-op this morning: baggy grey/green t-shirt with faded printing, kilt (black watch plaid), black lycra (?) calf warmers* (like arm warmers, but on your legs?) with white stripe detailing, and orange Crocs.


*ETA:  I realize I should specify that the use of "calf warmer" rather than "leg warmers" is because, well, I don't know what those things were.  Like footless knee socks, ie, tight to the leg and not fuzzy or bunchy, but they sort of looked like the bottom 1/3 of cycling tights?  anyway.  not Flash Dance leg warmers.  Which would have been an even other kind of weird.
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Soup* -- on the stove! Pantry -- decluttered and organized! Kitchen, floors and counters -- clean!

Nice couple evenings' work. And ooh, I got a cool new mop yesterday, hence the clean floors. It's one of those Rubbermaid Reveal spray mops. I'd seen ads on TV but had to poke around some to find one locally (result: Home Depot). It's got a machine washable microfiber pad, and a refillable spray bottle (you fill with the cleaner of your choice). Works quite nicely; the pad is nice and thick, and managed to scrub up some of my usual long-term dried spills.

*The soup is this one from Epicurious: http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/food/views/White-Bean-Butternut-Squash-Kale-and-Olive-Stew-1195 But holy cow, with adjustments, because that thing has some really whacked amounts/proportions. 3 large onions, 3 red peppers, 3 1/2 pounds butternut squash, 1 1/2 bunches of kale, 5 15 oz cans (yes 5 cans) white beans, all in only 1 1/2 cups broth.... So I went with one onion, one pepper, 1 1/4 pounds squash (it's what I had, 3 cute little guys from the CSA), one bunch of kale, 2 cans of beans, and 3 cups of broth. Also turns out I have no kalamata olives (a rare thing), but I do have a jar of cocktail olives, so I halved and de-pimentoed them. I have this visceral idea that the green olives will be totally different than the black, but that's really not true, and especially probably not in a soup.

We shall see.  It's certainly looking pretty as it's cooking.

And that's the domestic blah blah blah for the day.  (unless I come back with food pictures.  you never know.)

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Finally getting around to setting up my circle over here on DW. I had started a reading page via OpenID waaay back as people were announcing their DW whereabouts but before accounts were generally available, and then somehow when I got my account I didn't transfer stuff over, and I'm lazy and weird about adding people and blah blah blah.

So anyway, subscribing spree. Adding anyone I can find who I've followed on LJ (even as fannish interests diverge, and I lurk about not commenting, I find that I am so used to seeing people on my reading list that I can't really bear to part with them), adding people whose journals I've read but never actually subscribed to, or people whose fan works I enjoy but I haven't followed due to my lurkiness and a weird thing I have about friending before feedbacking, and again, blah blah blah.

Hello All, then, if you come poking about wondering who's glommed on to you now. (a person who has likely made some errors of the who, who's, whose variety here, cause I never seem to be able to keep that straight.)

ETA: PS. So far it's a Subscription Spree because I haven't figured out yet what I want to do about the whole Access thing; yet another way, like who's vs whose, in which I am easily confused. At the moment it doesn't really matter anyway, because I very very very rarely post anything that is locked. So I can set aside my confused indecision to be dealt with another day.
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