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I ordered a pair of shoes last night from Zappos. Got my order confirmation email at 11:29 PM. I'm somehow* one of their "VIP" shoppers, so I get free overnight shipping, which led me to expect my shoes tomorrow.

I'm still at work, waiting for something to get back to me, so out of curiosity I just tracked the package to see if it had shipped. Actually, it was delivered at 2:38 PM. Which OK is 15 hours and 9 minutes after I ordered, so not actually a package from the future, but pretty close.

Now I can't wait to get home and see them. (brown Jambu sandals with a wedge heel)

*I just gave away about 2 dozen pair of shoes last week; so I'm at about maybe 80 or so pairs of shoes now? Why would anyone tag that person as a VIP shoe shopper?
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Trying to make a little quippy post while watching the season opener of NCIS, but I can't seem to make a cut tag work. So, if you are watching, just imagine what I might have posted about at the, oh, 12 minute mark? of NCIS.
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Brian Cox, showing us the "Wonders of the Solar System" on the Science Channel. He's just really adorable, and I love how excited he gets about stuff. He also reminds me of my RL physicist friend, who is also from Manchester (altho he's more Scottish now; also, less outgoing).

Which is not to say that the new kid has replaced Michio Kaku (TV physicist older gentleman caller?) in my affections; just last week he reminded me of his own brand of cool adorableness when he was talking about the physics of sex in zero G.

Oh, I <3 TV physics.
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Now available on Watch Instantly on Netflix, as I've just discovered while doing some rearranging of my queue.

Man With a Movie Camera

Check it out if you are so inclined. This is one of the things I saw at the film festival a couple of weeks ago, with the Alloy Orchestra playing their score live. It's like they were made for this film; their strange percussive sound is perfect for the frenetic, urban, industrial kind of thing that this non-narrative, not-really-a-documentary, movie is all about.

I had seen parts of it before the festival, and heard some of the Alloy score, but this was my first time all the way thru, and the pristine new print on the Castro's 44 foot high screen made it a treat. While I'm enjoying watching again on my nice 32" LCD TV, with some very nice surround sound, I realize more than ever that getting the whole package -- huge screen, live music, gorgeous theater -- is really, really the way to go for full appreciation.

uh, a bit more rambly stuff under here )

Wow, I'm enjoying hearing this whole score again. I recommend the film for the score even if nothing else.
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Ahh, again, Long Time No Post. What have I been doing? Let's see, this month, movies. Movies out at actual movie theaters.

More specifically,in order of viewing, these: (US, 2010 unless otherwise noted)

Harold and Maude (1971)
Date Night
The Iron Horse (1924)
A Spray of Plum Blossoms (Shanghai, 1931)
Rotaie (Italy, 1929)
Metropolis (Germany, 1927)
The Flying Ace (1926)
The Strong Man (Capra, 1926)
Diary of a Lost Girl (Germany, 1929)
Häxan: Witchcraft Through the Ages (Denmark, 1922)
Man with a Movie Camera (Russia, 1929)
The Woman Disuputed (1928) (see icon)
L'heureuse mort (France, 1924)
The A-Team
Rear Window (1954)
Dinner for Schmucks

It must be noted that the middle set -- from "The Iron Horse" to "L'heureuse mort" -- were, unsurprisingly, sort of a package deal, as I attended the San Francisco Silent Film Festival. So those eleven features (plus three 2-reelers, a number of shorts, two presentations by archivists, and a panel with the musicians playing for the festival [one Maestro of the Mightly Wurlizer, two pianists, three ensembles]) in a 4-day period. Or really, in 3 days plus following one opening night feature. So that was intense, and fabulous, and not actually Silent at all (see musician list). (for the interested, brief program notes here: SFSFF filmguide)

The last four were all in the last week, and kind of couldn't be more different.

Whew. In closing,

Self Portrait with Theater

Self Portrait with Theater

Self Portrait with Theater, Interior

Self Portrait with Theater (Inside)
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Thing 1:

small herd of deer in the driveway to my parking lot as I came in tonight. Just milling around. The smallest one took a very long time deciding which way to go; in the end he went in the opposite direction of the rest. Hope he finds them again.

Thing 2:

I did the wackiest thing this morning. I got myself to the Y and took a pilates class before work -- 7 AM. That is just...very not me. It was pretty great, in a kick your ass sort of way, and I'm going to do that again. (oh how I love the way the Y is not intimidating. it's a new class, small and introductory, and no one can do everything, and there were some things I was more steady on than the others, and other things they could do thatI couldn't. perfect comfortable scenario.) (not quite equal in awesomeness to the time I was on a treadmill next to an octogenarian with oxygen on an exercise bike, but possibly more productive.)

Thing 3:

I have a great plan for dinner: red russian kale sauteed with fresh green garlic, tossed with olive oil and parmesan cheese and whole wheat rotini pasta, seasoned with salt and pepper and a splash of balsamic vinegar.

But I'm not quite ready to make it yet; I've only been home about 20 minutes.

Thing 4:

I'm watching Episode 4 of Spearhead from Space, the first story for Jon Pertwee's Third Doctor. It's also the introduction of the Nestene Consciousness, and the Autons, and Liz Shaw*, and it's awesome. (oh how my heart filled with joy as I sat on an uncomfortable chair in an air-conditioned-to-freezing subterranean room to watch the Ninth Doctor's first episode, and realized that the Autons were back.....)

*The first ep where Brig. Lethbridge-Stewart is trying to recruit Liz is also of the awesome, and she totally reminded me of Scully when I rewatched awhile back; it has just occurred to me, though, that in some ways (multiple PhDs, lack of patience for ridiculous notions) that really she should be, like, Rodney McKay's formidable Great Aunt Liz. (Except she wouldn't be a Great, she's the right age to just be Aunt. It just sounds better.)

Huh. Someone should make that happen.
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My new BluRay/entry level surround sound system (spoils of a tax refund -- still not used to that!) needed something to play -- whatever would it be? It seemed like I should buy something symbolically IMPORTANT for the first one, you know? (case in point: first CD ever bought was Sonic Youth "EVOL," making good on my "yeah, yeah, I'll start buying CDs when SST starts putting them out." Hey, it was important in, uh, 1986!)

So I thought about "Serenity" or something, but I've already got that (2 copies) and really the up-conversion works quite nicely on my 32" LCD.

So I went for something awesome that I've been wanting that was sure to look great in HD -- the first season of "Pushing Daisies." Good price at Amazon, click, click, on its way.

But not instantly available. And the next day, there in my email inbox was a sale notice from DeepDiscount, and click click click on the way were 2 box sets: the krazy kookoo 4-disc extravaganza "Watchmen--Ultimate Cut" (to go with the Absolute print edition I have, I suppose), and a 3-disc set of modern Chinese action classics -- "Crouching Tiger...", "House of the Flying Daggers," "Curse of the Golden Flower" (to go with the VHS tapes of 80s Hong Kong actioners on my shelf.) Super on-sale, on the way.

And yetstill not instant. My HTiB was delivered, a day early even. I had to go out to the store to buy speaker mounts for the rear speakers. Armed with a couple of Best Buy coupons I ventured out; and ventured home with "Doctor Who: The Complete Specials" box set.

Finally, some instant gratification. And oh well worth..whatever. (Subsequent days continued to gratify: "Pushing Daisies," eye popping as expected; the Chinese stuff came today and "...Flying Daggers" is giving my rear speakers a workout; haven't assailed "Watchmen" yet, but the package so matches the Absolute that I almost need to put it on that shelf.)

To finish off the binge, and in honor of Earth Day*, yesterday I click clicked and bought a really, really on sale for one day only BluRay of "Planet Earth." And now I'm done.

For now.

*because earth day is all about buying things online that have to come to you in planes and trucks and......

(really, the sound is awesome on this movie. I didn't buy the set up so much for all-out surround sound as for a general, modest sound upgrade, and tidiness. One unit now for music (CD, radio, iPod dock) and video (DVD, BluRay, Tivo, various streaming media, iPod dock that can be rigged to play video!, etc etc etc.) But oh, I am enjoying the surround!)


Apr. 6th, 2010 08:13 pm
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So it's been.....10 months since I've posted anything. I keep thinking about it, but having trouble getting going again.

So what finally got me going?

OMG. The 2 minutes of NCIS after the opening, the bits in the bullpen running under the credits. That was, it's just, well. I think I was hearing the squeals of the exploding brains of Tony/Tim fangirls around the world, now and away thru time whenever they manage to see tonight's ep.

That was awesome. I'm sorta with them, with the brain squealing and all. (I'm pretty flexible in my pairings for this show, after my initial "I really only need gen for this fandom; I really like the relationships as they stand on the show." Yeah, that didn't last for long. Altho I actually as far as canon goes I'm still pretty delighted.)

So. Hi? Welcome back to me?
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Glass of Sauvignon Blanc, fresh local farmer's cheese with caraway crackers, half a pint of last-of-the-season local strawberries (picked yesterday); settling in at home?

Up next, or as soon as I fill in the final gaps: Where I've Been, just recently.
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Bones! I'm a little behind (yay DVR!), credits still running, but my early prediction: It was Blossom! Blossom killed the bride!
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These 5 shirts (or, well, you know, ones very like them, except 3-dimensional and sized to fit me) are on their way to me. Yes. Yesterday I ordered 5 identically-styled shirts, in an array of easter-egg colors.

But, but, wait, don't totally write me off as crazy!* I had a "25% off your entire order" offer, and I own another shirt from this line (long sleeve, different collar) that fits great, and that spread collar and the 3/4 length sleeves on a fitted shirt are exactly my favorite style of shirt, and then the fact that it comes in the very colors of my favored wardrobe palette....well. There you go. Those shirts and my various brown skirts and pants are going to totally upgrade my personal work uniform.

*you might write me off as crazy if you understand that this comes on the heels of several weeks of vigorous buying in preparation for my upcoming trip; that opened the floodgates, and once I had all my trip stuff apparently I had trouble closing them again. I really need to now, though, in order to be able to have money for the actual trip!
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So at work but not too busy, la la la. (nice contrast to sometimes.) Finished my state taxes (did the downloaded-and-filled-in PDF form, which I cleverly changed from "you can fill in and print but not save" to "fill in and save away, you have a full version of Acrobat!" Already did my federal return on TurboTax, and kept an eye on the running owe/refund total they projected for the state; then bypassed paying them extra $$ to do the state form, which is mostly just transferring stuff from the federal, and then adujsting deductions. Glad to see that my result matched TurboTax's predictions, called it good, envelope stamped and ready to mail.)

Have set myself up with a reading list over on Dreamwidth, using my OpenID. (cool that you can do that!) I'm planning on buying an account when they come up at the end of the month, but for now I've gone thru my FL here, found people who've reported that they are on DW, and got them in my "circle." At the moment just subscribing, not setting up access to read my entries -- because of course I can't have any entries, I don't have an account yet! (that part's a bit confusing.) Still, I like the whole idea. And the facts that 1) you can import EVERYTHING (including comments) from your LJ, and 2) apparently you'll be able to crosspost with one click, if you are posting from within DW. Which doesn't sound like much to PC users, but the Mac clients (like iJournal, which I'm using right now) don't let you do that. So, I might consider going that route...

Not that I've been posting much of anything for quite some months! This is one of those times when I say "This bit of technology will be the perfect motivation for me to do the things I've been wanting to do!" Kind of like how I want to buy a Wii Fit this summer, after I get back from my trip. Because it will Make Me Get In Shape!

Anyway. Lunch -- yes, Lunch is the bit of technology that will allow me to Get Those Backlogged Tasks Finished this afternoon!!
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and you know, Hodgins, Vincent, and Sweets together seem to provide me unending glee.

And now

Apr. 6th, 2009 11:46 pm
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I wish I wasn't so old and, you know, responsible, because I'd be puttin' on my shoes to walk downtown to mingle in the crowd.

I'll settle for watching it on the TV -- the helicopters have been circling for the last 10 or 15 minutes.

(in other words, UNC is is a minute and a half from winning the national championship. w0ot!)
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Currently doing:

1. Knitting
2. Reading fic online
3. Watching the game *

plus, the dishwasher is running. and I vacuumed, earlier. a bit.

That's a pretty full evening I have going here.

*that's the NCAA basketball final, for those of you who, uh, don't live in my town. or Michigan.
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well, kinda. Some Sweet Spicy Doritos and a beer, sitting on the bench out here in the back 40. Or back acre and a half or something. Filled up the Farthest Outpost Birdfeeder* and plomped myself down -- full wireless strength out back, yay -- listening to birds and our stream, and conversing from time to time with [livejournal.com profile] calligrafiti as Leifur (on his leash) brings her by.

Not a bad end to the daylight part of friday.

(*this reminds me that I need to put up some pictures of my new bird feeder array out front -- I've been figuring that post will be titled The Crazy Bird Lady.)
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On my TV, it's "Project A," dubbed into Spanish.

(in case you don't remember [!] "Project A" is a great "three brothers*" action/comedy/adventure period martial arts romp -- the one where Jackie Chan replicates the famous Harold Lloyd stunt, danglng from a clock tower and falling down thru several awnings. There are also pirates. And Western ladies dressed in in "19th century period" costume. You can't go wrong with pirates; you can kinda go wrong with 19th centuy period dress, though.)

(*the 3 brothers would be Jackie Chan, Sammo Hung, and Yuen Biao.)

Anyway. It's not like enjoyment of the film resides in the dialogue -- or that we ever really get to enjoy it in its original state, really. And all the best sequences are without diaglogue, after all. So this is kind of fun.

(I could use a Hong Kong movie icon. Hmm.)

OK wow

Mar. 11th, 2009 10:23 pm
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so in an unexpected extra installment tonight, I just have to say that I'm watching this thing on the National Geographic channel (in HD, nice!) called Giant Crystal Cave that, well, shows researchers going into this cave with giant gypsum crystals -- like HUGE crystals, meters long, it totally looks like some sort of SciFi show. And they have to wear special suits and respirators because it is hot and dangerous in various ways.

and again wow, I guess I'm just surprised. It doesn't look real. (I missed the beginning; I don't even know where it is.)
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Yesterday, for reasons I don't need to go into at this juncture,* I had to go to the FedEx Ground facility in a neighboring town to pick up a package (Direct Signature Required; why did I not know this in advance, so I could have delivery at the office?). In a vast mutlitude of ways (see previous parenthetical note for one), this was as inconvenient as it could possibly be. However, I got a good, honest laugh out of the venture when I went to Google Maps to get directions from my office to the place.

My office is less than a mile from an on-ramp to the highway. There are a couple of turns to get out of the immediate neighborhood onto a semi-major street; from there you take a (simple, right-hand) turn (at a normal, 4-way intersection with a traffic light) onto a major street, and then onto the highway.

Google maps way of dealing with the major intersection: go straight thru, make a U-turn, then a left.

Yes, the written directions indicate that you make a U-turn (at an intersection that doesn't even have a median!) and a left to make a simple right; and when you zoom in on the map, the purple line shows the nice, neat square you will get if you do so.

This made me laugh out loud. (note: I decided to forgo the directions for the early part of the trip, and pick up once I got on the highway. So I would get there in one piece.)

* so a short version of the story is that the package is related to the trip I am planning --- two months from today I take off, fly to London, and thence on to visiting friends in Scotland and then Stockholm. Thank the heavens for academic friends who take their sabbaticals to teach abroad, and then welcome visitors!


Mar. 8th, 2009 09:51 am
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I'm sitting on my porch in my PJs and bathrobe. I have coffee and Irish soda bread (with currants and dried figs and apricots) and some nice medieval church music wafting out the window while the birds tweet like crazy on the other side of me.

This seems like a good start to the day.

(hello! long time no post!)
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