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Not that I've been OUT of it, exactly; just well I'm gearing up to be MORE IN. And maybe that will include being more HERE here.

So GIP and also it's appropriate, on multiple levels; as I predicted almost a year ago, my fannish life has turned into Avengers, Avengers, Avengers, and OH, some Avengers. Movie 'verse (in all its parts), comics 'verse (in some of its parts), fandom-verse in oh so many ways. Plus of course still BBC Sherlock, because Reasons.

So, there, up there, is Coulson, from Fury's Big Week, waiting. (hey, icon by ME, what industry on my part! sharable to any like-minded fans.)

And what am I waiting for? I'm waiting for a giant sweet potato, (no, I mean really giant) to finish roasting. It's going to go into the burrito production line I've got set up, for dinner tonight, and lunch tomorrow, and my freezer for future lunches. No really, it's a 2-pound potato, plenty for...many burritos. And yet only about 1/3 of the size of the biggest one the farmer had at the market today. !!!.

For the interested, the rest of the ingredients on the line (a more simple line-up this time than some): sprouted whole wheat tortillas (not clear to me what the sprouted-ness adds; I just wanted whole wheat, and all the whole wheat was sprouted?); black beans cooked with local onions and red chili, garlic, and a can of diced tomatoes; local hoop cheese; non-local monteray jack; and house-made chipotle salsa on sale at the co-op. So, half-local frozen homemade burrito lunches FTW!

This week at least I'll match that with a nice CSA-sourced salad of radishes and mixed greens (planning on a lime vinaigrette for that); yes the fall CSA started this week, the fall CSF starts tomorrow (pound of shrimp, pound of Spanish makerel, WHOLE LOT OF DELICIOUS), so FOOD will be a major focus for awhile, both here and over in the real-life Facebook world (where I'm one of those white girls who mostly post pictures of her dinner).

Ten seconds left to the next sweet potato check-in; time only to mention awesome things that have happened that I should go back and record here: seeing Abel Gance's restored (6 hour) Napoleon with full orchestral score in Oakland back in March; 2012 Dragon*Con with all the usual fun; all that fannish stuff in between, with many more movie viewings already in the calendar year than I've had in some 2–3 year stretches recently; the upcoming season of The Rite of Spring at 100, a bunch of performances I'm greatly looking forward to.

But all that for another, post-burrito time.


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