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In the midst of a large sewing/craft project today (perhaps more on that later; it's a commissioned christmas gift. aieee! why oh why???) I came across a newspaper I had set aside for the purposes of commenting on it here....and then I never did. So I shall do it now.

It is the (then very new) free weekly in my town, the Carrboro Citizen. (this being the modern era, the paper starts right out with a solid web presence as well as traditional print.) I don't often remember to pick it up lately (I should just toss some support their way and buy a delivery subscription), but I always enjoy it when I do.

Anyway, the May 3 edition commemorated Town Day, and included a longish literary work (a fictionalized account of the founding of the town -- originally called Venable (!) -- in 1911), and a reprinting of the entire current Charter of the Town of Carrboro (which ran to 4 full pages, if I remember).

Both of those things are pretty cool, in a dedicated small-town newspaper sort of way. But the thing that made me want to write about it here was the solitary item in the "Corrections" box on the inside front page:

"Much to our great dismay, we incorrectly identified the author of The Picture of Dorian Gray. It was, of course, Oscar Wilde."

Sadly, I had not read the issue that instigated the correction. (and I love the "of course" they have stuck in there. we are a mill town glued onto the side of a college town, after all.)

ETA: after posting I decided to go ahead an subscibe -- which you can do for $26 per year, via PayPal. I'm not sure why this tickles me, but it does. (see tag below)


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