Jan. 19th, 2012

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So that's no excuse for my silence. There are Things to Say! And yet I haven't posted anything for months.

But I'm of a mind to go on a little friending spree, to better keep up with All The Sherlock Fic that I'm madly devouring, and it seems rude to do that without showing myself here more often.

Also it's coming up on the time when my personal year really starts; I tend to count it from my birthday rather than Jan 1st, because I always have enough to do recovering from hosting brunch that day, and a month of cookie parties, and visiting family, etc. The first three weeks of the year are just a breather, a gap I take advantage of to gear up for the new year. So maybe I'll manage to interact more here, which is something I'd like to be doing.

I don't know if I'll ever catch up on the backlog of THINGS, but we'll see. In the last month or so I've seen 3 movies (out at the theater): Sherlock Holmes 2, Tinker Taylor Soldier Spy, Hugo. Loved 'em all, most surprising was Hugo which I went into without a lot of info and found completely marvelous (catch the 3D if you can, it's magical and so well used). And of course I've seen BBC Sherlock series 2 (thanks to iPlayer and a UK proxy), and AAAAAHHHHH.

yeah. All The Fic, that's what I need now.

also maybe a sandwich.


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